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Being a business owner sometimes feels overwhelming! There are so many things to do and worry about. Zany helps you by assuring when you wake up in the morning you have customers. We know Marketing & Advertising. Let us join your team, so all you have left to worry about is Service, Employees, Bookkeeping (really we can do that for you too), and Commitment. Don't worry, you will still have enough to do...

Expert Marketers

The Zany Team knows how to market whatever service you are selling.  Whether it is toothbrushes or installing roofs, we will work with you to find customers that want to pay the price you are asking for your “Unique” service.  Yes, that is part of the secret, make yourself special, unique and one of a kind.  There are a lot of companies out there that do what you do, but they aren’t you!  Only your company has what you have.  Luckily, every company really is different.



Convert Leads to Customers that Pay

 Your extraordinary abilities are displayed on Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, social media platforms) that draw customers to your doors.  It is all about finding customers that want to work with specifically YOUR COMPANY (no one else will do).  Let us be your internet billboard!

Advanced Website Design

Zany hires the best Website Developers, so your company can have a stunning, HOT, exceptional site that visitors want to stay on and use.  A team dedicated to you makes your company in control and Zany at your service.

SEO Rank with the Best

SEO simply means being seen on a search engine like Google.  Zany helps your customers notice your website by getting more convertible traffic.  This is done in many ways: keywords, meta data, links, and the list is huge. Let experts set this up for you and then implement it to work without effort on your part. 

Magical Designs

We have a box full of developers, design programs, graphic artists, content writers, assistants that can do Magical images that make your company SHINE.  The internet is now your storefront.  Let Zany make sure you’re seen.

Virtual Angels Solve Challenges

Every day should be a day that is successful one way or another.  I don’t feel successful when I look at my desk and see clutter, unfinished work, and no room for doing a crossword puzzle.  Zany frees up your time and creates more resources, so you can stay organized and on task.  Let go of the advertising, marketing, bookkeeping, and do what you do best 
 ​ Service with a Smile (because you got a good night’s sleep, less worry).


Lead Generation

Our lead generation program gives you the number of potential customers you want/need.  Your Company has to take the potential customer and show them that you have loyalty, flexibility, and dedication to get the job done.  We can even help you with that.  We can assign a customer service specialist to highlight your expertise and sell your product or service.  You hire Zany to do just what you need to be done.

John Mang, Founder

Does it feel Like U are Burning Up all Your Money?

(Faster than Your Company Makes it)?

You might be looking at your budget and saying something like this, "Zany's services cost more than we budgeted for." Our services help you increase your budget. When your company invests in our team, it's like you are hiring experts. For every dollar you invest in your future advertising and marketing budget, we multiply it. You end up making more money than you spend. Your Company's profits begin to get ahead and opportunities, that only growth allows, come to light.

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We use the very best so you can be assured of the quality. There can be no compromises when it comes to tech, ease of use, and SEO.

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