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In The Beginning

We have been around for a little more than 2 years now. Our board members started out as Owners of companies in the medical, teaching and accounting fields. Over their working careers they all had the same issue – Where do we get a steady stream of customers/clients. No matter what business you are in, the objective is the same – generate customer loyalty to guarantee enough Profit to grow and flourish.  

Over the years each of them developed a marketing strategy (out of necessity) that sort of worked. One day the current board members just happened to join the same group of entrepreneurs looking to network. That began their friendship and over several years and many lunches and dinners later, the group decided to start a Marketing Agency.  

They were not completely skilled for the task, although one of them was very good with business planning, another with content writing and the other one was a natural programmer. It was a “group made in heaven”. They began to hire people with the skills they needed. Over many trials and hardships they finally found a system that worked. They began to make a true difference in the lives of many businesses by generating customers and increasing their profits.

Today Zany is the child company of their dreams and imagination. Zany is a full service company that is always adding more benefits for their clients and team members. We have recently launched our Free Dashboard and Business Toolkit.  

The dashboard includes an SEO audit and way of looking at an entire business customer acquisition system. That is really where Zany makes their profit from: Website building, Lead Generation, SEO development, and Advertising. Although we do everything else too!

The toolkit includes the dashboard and many other options that we can offer uniquely for your business. Over the years we have acquired lifetime deals and unlimited deals on multiple software. Your company won’t need it all, but after we talk to you, we can design a toolbox that will make a big difference in your daily workload. Sometimes really big things in the toolbox actually cost us, so that is why we charge for the Premium toolkit. The cost to you is significantly discounted in your favor. 

Another feature that we are now offering is actually people to do the work for you. We call them Virtual Angels. Some are local to the USA and some are not. All are experts that we work with. We include them in some of our packages and/or can offer them to you per hour or per job. Once again, they are vetted experts that we trust. We become the middleman here making sure the work is done right and on time! We couldn’t live without them.  

Our agency looks forward to working with you closely where we will treat you like family. We do our best, only hire the best, and guarantee our work. Zany is an umbrella of knowledge and experience that will cover all of your advertising and marketing needs.

Thank you, The Zany Team

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What's Up with the Elephant?

Early on at the beginning development of Zany, we decided to find some form of charity we all had an interest in.  That’s not easy, considering we all come from different backgrounds.  The choice was made to find a new charity that Zany could invest in.  After taking a company outing to the local Zoo, we decided it would be Elephants.  Asian Elephants are endangered and African Elephants close behind.  Poaching and lost of habit being the main 2 reasons.  Elephants in America are even challenged in the local Zoos, where their habits are too small.  We hope someday to start our own charity for Elephants, but for now we just give to various Zoos that house Elephants.

It still feels like day 1

It feels like We’re just getting started, but really the mountain is so high, We are still looking UP

They say “Knowledge is Power”.  The thing is no one has complete knowledge.  As a team we have more knowledge, but everyday there are new things to learn and new questions to answer.  The biggest question is often “How”?  The answer is never simple, because there are so many ways to approach the each scenario.   That is why we pride ourselves on having a great TEAM!  Our team, as a whole, can collaborate and come up with great solutions.  Zany Management just want to say, “Thank you”.  

Our incredible team is here for you

One more important thing to remember: "I have so much chaos in my life, it's become normal. You become used to it. You have to just relax, calm down, take a deep breath and try to see how you can make things work rather than complain about how they're wrong." Tom Welling

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