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Battle of the Laziness

One Minute Read Series

Have you woke up in the morning and felt like going back to bed, but you got up.  Then, you just wanted to stay in your P.J’s, drink a warm cup of tea and sit by the fire reading a book.  Meanwhile watching the silent snowfall outside remembering all the wonderful times you spent playing in the snow.


After pausing for a moment it occurs to you that it is Friday, the week is not over and you HAVE to get ready for work.  Your team members rely on you.  You’ve made a commitment to the company and you’re just not sick.  Time for a reality check – MOVE IT!


Finally, you are at work (virtual or otherwise) and you still feel like a distant planet.  Your routine and the goals you wrote down last night will guide the steps you must take.  Lunch arrives and reality hits again – you have successfully completed your morning as planned and everyone around you thinks you are on top of your game.

Thank goodness! 


Your routine of planning the night before for the next day’s goals worked wonders.  The time to go home comes around and you feel like you won the “Battle of Laziness”!  It happens to everyone, every so often, and causes you to feel worn out faster and be less productive.  Yet while this might happen too often, planning ahead allows us to pull ourselves through and keep going on.  


Moral of this story:

  1.  Plan, and set goals the night before for the next day
  2. Believe you can do it
  3. Have routines that work


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