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Image of Overcoming Laziness

Beat the Blues

Battle of the Laziness One Minute Read Series Have you woke up in the morning and felt like going back to bed, but you got up.  Then, you just wanted to stay in your P.J’s, drink a warm cup of tea and sit by the fire reading a book.  Meanwhile watching the silent snowfall outside […]

Website: DIY or DFM

Does Your Business Have an Online Resume? One Minute Read Series DIY VS DFM – Pros and Cons Want to create a website for your business? Zany website solutions offer two ways to create the perfect web presence for your business. A website is usually the first place a visitor will look when trying to learn about […]

Be An Authority

Are you really an expert? One Minute Read Series Be an Authority What makes you so exceptional?  Why would a client buy your product or service or listen to your thoughts about anything? The best answer to this question is that you have proven yourself to be an authority and make every effort to make sure […]

Why Can’t I Move Forward?

Reach Your Dreams One Minute Read Series Why I Can’t Move Forward?Recent research suggests that our behaviors are often controlled by brain circuits that work without our conscious awareness. Neuroscientist and Professor Mark Waldman explained to us three reasons why your brain stops you from moving forward and finishing your goals.  Lack of neurological motivation. […]

Know your Competitor

Who is your Competition? One Minute Read Series Know your CompetitorWatching your competition really helps you find out how you can be better (or at least equal to) than your competitors with your services offered and the way in which you let your target audience know about them. Win the race by quietly analyzing your […]

The Perfect Customer

Who is your perfect Client/Customer? One Minute Read Series Describing your perfect customer can help you attract the right users! Creating a customer persona helps you better understand who your target market is and what motivates them to make the purchase. By meeting the needs of your target market, you are more likely to have better […]


Delegation One Minute Read Series Delightful DelegationThe importance of delegation.  Choosing to delegate your tasks is a great way to make your work life more efficient. People who work hard and do their utmost to take care of what they should be doing will find themselves being more productive as they will have more time […]

Content Writing

Content Writing One Minute Read Series The Magic of Content MarketingContent marketing, private media, branded content, customer-generated content, media, etc. Content Marketing goes by many different titles but it is all essentially content marketing. This is probably one of the best ways to make sure your marketing is really effective. The definition of content marketing […]


Chatbots One Minute Read Series Tools of the Future: Chatbots With a rapidly growing social media presence, e-commerce platforms have emerged and are quickly being adopted. Virtual assistants and chatbots are spreading quickly in consumer markets, as well. The number of virtual assistants grew from 1 million to 3 million in 2017, a 76% growth […]


Outsourcing One Minute Read Series Just about everyone outsources something.  Businesses that have a brick and mortar site rely on companies to build signage for them, hire painting crews to dress up the outside of the building & hire landscapers to beautify the property.   Nobody can do it all.  25 years ago my husband […]

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