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A/B Testing

A process of launching an ad or website where two different variations are presented to two different audiences in equal proportions. The activity, and conversion rate is then tracked and measured. Variation A usually is an existing control while the challenger, variation B, typically has one element which is changed. This element is called the […]

A/B/N Testing

A type of A/B Testing the “N” refers to more segments than the two accounted for in A/B testing. A process of launching an ad or webpage where different variations are presented to audiences in equal proportions and activity is compared.

Above The Fold

The top portion of a website that a viewer can see and interact with , without scrolling down the page.

Account Based Marketing

A way to increase ROI on existing customers and increase engagement with targeted leads. This type of marketing targets each company and customer with specific characteristics of each account. Usually this increases cross-sells, upsells, and reorders. It focuses on a specific segment of targeted accounts in the market.

ACLV Optimization

This takes the Average Lifetime value of each customer and analyses reasons for decreased customer retention, increase customer referrals and increase ROI on each specific customer. This then creates a strategy to increase the value of the customer. See Related: Account Based Marketing

Ad Viewability

This is how viewable an ad is to a user while viewing a website or mobile app. To be counted as a viewable impression it must show 50% of the ad and be visible to the user for more than 1 second according to the IAB.


A combination of the words Advertising Technology, referring to software, and digital tools that help target, deliver and analyze marketing/advertising.


A sequence of computer-generated rules that produce a predetermined outcome from a set of inputs. Marketing algorithms are used to automate ad buys at scale and inform strategic decisions, to reduce wasted spend and generate the most value and ROI.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

A subsidiary of Amazon that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, companies and governments, on a paid subscription basis.

Analytics Platform

A software foundation that is engineered to generate insights from data to drive business decisions.

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