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Unified Marketing Measurement (UMM)

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Unified marketing measurement (UMM) is an approach to marketing analytics that combines the aggregate data and insights offered by attribution models into one holistic measurement. The integration of these various marketing analytics and models provides acomprehensive view into the success of marketing campaigns and their overall impact on driving conversions. Unified marketing measurement works by correlating aggregate data,gained from methods such as marketing mix modeling, with the person-level data offered by multi-touch attribution. Marketers are then able to discern which messages are the most impactful on the individual level, while still considering the broader marketing context and external factors.Unified Measurement integrates strategic measurement with tactical analyses while taking into account both business and customer lenses, for a holistic view of your business. It results in consistent insights that reveal the incremental impact of spend across all media types. Rather than disparate results, you’ll get one version of the truth. We validate and gain deeper insights with all models with experimental approaches and agile learning.

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