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Leaders: Eat each other’s frogs

One Minute Read Series

Here at Zany, we believe in helping people out.  We also believe in empowering everyone to be leaders.  Previously we mentioned the practice of eating Frogs. Zany believes that leaders need to be aware of the needs of each team member and every client.  We believe that by asking each other if anyone needs help (eating their frogs) we make it possible for everyone to achieve more.  Eating each other’s frogs happens when we:


  • Take the effort to Listen to each other’s “frogs”.  This helps everyone  feel more valued and validated.
    • By being aware of each other’s “frogs” we are more able to give help when needed or encourage each other throughout the day.
  • Decrease the energy needed for each employee to get the most done.  
  • Allow tasks to be shifted to the more appropriate employees, either the one that likes the task more or the one that is more qualified to do it.
  • Help with tasks that we are more familiar with, without having to overstep or seem overbearing.
  • Provide a support network to work with, by knowing who might be able to help out.


How to implement helping each other out. 


One idea we have seen done really well is implementing a frog board.  This is very similar to stand-ups in software development, however in this case the tasks might not be particular to one specific type of work.  Ideas would be to:

  • For an in-office setting: Have a stand-up where everyone tells a little bit about what their “frog” or main task for the day is.  At which point if someone else knows how to do the task, they can raise their hand if they can help out or if they would like to take over or switch tasks.
  • For a virtual setting, have a forum or Kanban board on which people post their tasks or “frogs” for the day.  Detailing what they need to get done opens up the task for other team members to offer input.  This can then be commented on first thing in the morning with either “I can help”, “I can do this”, or “I need help” statuses.  


Doing either of these methods will help teams work more efficiently and help each other out.


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