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How to Create Brand Identity

What does your Brand look like?


A brand has an identity. It’s who you are and what you represent. An identity is the face of your company. Identity of the company  is how your customers feel about your brand and the quality they get when they purchase your product. Creating a strong brand identity takes time and effort, but with the right team behind it, it can reap long-term benefits.  It becomes recognized and remembered.  It is the reason why brands are findable, it makes it so they are not the needle in a haystack.   What makes a brand unique is its logo, color scheme, mission statement, and website. A brand identity helps achieve better ROI for the company and for its customers.  This blog article shows the importance of a strong brand identity and why every company needs one.


A unique logo is important in branding your business and brands. It is a permanent and memorable representation of your company’s name.   It’s the sign that represents your brand. When you see a logo, you know who to expect and what they stand for. Without a logo, you’re left guessing who you are dealing with.  A logo should be a blend of both company culture, and what your business does.  It should go one step further and attract your ideal customers and help you become more defined against your competition.


When we see the logos of Coke, Twitter and Amazon, we know exactly what they represent.  A brand colour helps customers feel specific ways.   Psychology tells us blue in twitter helps  people calm down, be more open to communication and loyalty.  While the red in a coke can are used to capture attention and get us to buy the item quicker.  Both colors help to make these brands more successful in the long run.  The last logo of Amazon goes one step further by putting a smiling face in their logo to help people feel happier.  We use logos every day to tell us who we are interacting with, while brands use logos to help them come across in specific ways.  Every brand needs a well designed and researched logo which matches their personality and their customers.   Both the logos and colors of a brand need to complement the culture of a company.  


The company culture is one of the most important items in a company.  It helps define how employees talk to customers and how bosses talk to employees.  This ambiance is what drives loyalty, service and excellence.  A mission statement is one of the most important parts of this culture.  It is what the employees go back to, while it is a more in depth way to engage customers.  ( Have you ever thought about creating a mission statement for your company or organization?  See our Guide.)    This mission statement needs to be simple, but it needs to be powerful.  It is your company’s WHY.  Why do you strive to be excellent?


Finally your website brings everything together.   A website is the greatest tool in business today to ensure your message gets out there. It is the biggest and most efficient vehicle for spreading the message to the public. When designing a website, a lot of effort is put into keeping the design clean and making sure that the information is easy to find. The right design helps to ensure the best impression. It communicates your message in a way that is consistent with your brand identity.


I hope that this blog post will give you an insight into how you can increase your brand identity. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment below! 




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