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I Wish It Were Easier - NOT

One Minute Read Series


We all try our hand at some form of “Do-it-yourself”.  Recently I have tried to be health-conscious.  This has led me to work out (at the gym, at home didn’t work; not enough willpower), juicing (inconsistent success; very time-consuming and messy), and growing my own Microgreens.  I bought some special growing trays, a couple of lights, and mats intended just for Microgreens.  The seeds came from a company that claimed, “Guaranteed to Grow”.  


Well some of them sprouted, but over time they got mold.  I didn’t give up!  I read all about it and saw my mistakes, and changed my setup.  The 2nd time around they just started to smell.  Some were slimy and others just took your appetite away.  However, I didn’t stop trying.  I emailed experts and discussed with them what was happening,  Some of them blamed it on the seeds or the lights.  One even said I should follow the cycle of the moon when planting.  


Long story short (and it was long, I tried it for over 6 weeks), I realized that I am not an expert and it could be said that I simply don’t have a green thumb.  I looked at the cost which included my time, energy, and money.  I had sunk more than $200 bucks into a failed project.  Really I still wanted to eat Microgreens!


Life shows us that we are great at some things and other things not so much.  Personally, I wouldn’t want everything to be so easy that everybody could do it.  Then I would not be considered an expert in anything.  At Zany we know digital marketing!  We aren’t so good at engineering the construction of a house or designing an orchard.  If what we did was easy, everyone could DIY and we would have no business.  Easy, often an unreachable concept if you are not an expert in that field.  Using an expert, in the long run, saves you money and time (not to mention the feeling of failure and the headache that comes with it).

That is why I am going to buy microgreens from microgreen experts, and continue on my journey as an expert in google paid advertising.


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