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Increasing Team Unity with Owner Mentality

One Minute Read Series

Owner mentality is a wonderful way to increase team unity by making everyone care about each other.  Being an owner is more than just doing work to increase the profit of the company.  It also is about caring for the employees around you.  Each person in a team needs to feel respected and cared for.  By having each employee take responsibility we truly create a feeling of family and support.  

  • Relationships: Trust and Reputation
    • Encourage employees to dress for success and build meaningful relationships with each other, clients, and vendors.  This can be done by:
      • Asking employees to contribute to the selection of vendors.
      • Asking them for suggestions on better client onboarding.
      • Creating open communication lines between managers and staff.
      • Asking staff their opinions before hiring another person or changing software
  • Communication for Change:
    • Giving reasons and validating major decisions which might affect the team will also give each person an understanding of why change may be occurring.  This allows them to prepare and ask questions instead of feeling blindsided.  It is also a wonderful opportunity for each person to take initiative to become better trained in the new systems and make suggestions.
  • Overcome: Overcome obstacles together
    • When we share obstacles with each other, we share the burden of knocking them down.  These obstacles when faced alone seem daunting and unmoving.  Together we are able to remove them quickly.  We also build a sense of trust and accomplishment as a team when we do this.  Encourage staff members to make an announcement by email or on slack when they have an obstacle they are facing.  Moving past the obstacle faster increases everyone’s production ability.

Implementing an ownership mentality not only makes each individual more responsible and motivated, but  it also brings teams together.


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