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The What and Why: Lead Magnets → Downloads

One Minute Read Series

Lead magnets are items or services given away for free with the intent of creating sales opportunities, gathering contact details, and gaining deeper relationships with potential clients.  They are ebooks, free trials, basic/free accounts, general reports, case studies, worksheets, educational audio training, educational video training, a portion of a full course, a mini-course, mind maps, infographics, webinar, event admission, templates, newsletters, tutorials, calculators, spreadsheets, entertaining content, inspirational content, virtual libraries, etc.

A downloadable lead magnet is a great thing to use.  It is something that was made once and then can be given out multiple times.  It also has the great advantage that most downloadable lead magnets are cheaper to make than some of the other types.  They usually come as a pdf or a single file and are then downloaded by the potential customer.  They also have the advantage of being able to stick in a computer for a long time to be referenced later.


Ideal lead magnets: 

  • Solve potential customer problems
  • Promises a quick win
  • Is super specific
  • Is quick to digest
  • Has a high perceived value
  • Provides instant gratification
  • Shows your expertise
  • Illustrates your unique value proposition


To get started with your first lead magnet look at your business and expertise and follow the next steps.

  1. List your customers’ top 10 questions they ask you about your expertise.
  2. Choose the question which you are the most familiar with
  3. Create a 3-page guide (this can be done on paper or in a word doc.) about your question.
  4. Either put this guide in a fun layout and convert it to a pdf or ask your Zany virtual Assistant to formalize it into a wonderful lead magnet.


You now have your first lead magnet to give away.  Use this in a newsletter, on a sign-up form, or give it to potential clients before their first sales appointment.


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