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Moving from Ownership Mentality to Founder Mentality

One Minute Read Series

According to Harvard Business Review, Ownership Mentality has a drawback.  The drawback of being stuck into optimizing and owning the current situation in a company can harm a company’s long-term growth by not moving forward and decreasing the customer experience.  To move past the downside of the owner mentality and go one step further, we focus on the customer.


The customer is the frontline of business.  


By focusing on the customer we make sure that the first and most important metric is our customer relationship.  This means that when everything else is optimized this is either improved or at least not decreased.  The cost to the customer is not increased without an increase in value. The experience of the customer is always put first. 


To do this try the following:


  • Know your customer, create customer personas and keep them in a file.  Each persona should have a section which states what struggles the customer faces as well as how your company helps that struggle and adds value.
  • Use feedback.  Ask for feedback from customers on a consistent schedule and always address any areas of concern, both by asking what you can do better and reaching out personally to the customer.
  • Celebrate your customer’s success and happiness.  Talk to your customers, and every time you do, share it with your team.  Share the customer’s happiness with everyone, not just the person who is in the frontline with that specific customer.  It is the team behind the company that makes this happiness possible.
  • Ask your team what they would want to do to improve customer experience if they could do anything.  This may not be something that is achievable on the current budget but ideas like this might be able to be partially implemented on a smaller scale leading to big results.


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