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Just about everyone outsources something.  Businesses that have a brick and mortar site rely on companies to build signage for them, hire painting crews to dress up the outside of the building & hire landscapers to beautify the property.   Nobody can do it all.  25 years ago my husband and I tried.


We started a small herbal store.  I have taken years of classes about herbalism and learned from top notch practitioners.  So we decided to actually sell herbs.  First, the middle man had to go, so we grew our herbs in a greenhouse that we constructed.  (That took 2 years to fully complete, because we are not builders by trade).  Surprisingly we were very successful.  Our plants were top-notch and customers bought them.  We grew until we couldn’t grow anymore.  


Burnout is what happens when you do everything, especially with a perfectionism attitude.    So tired and no time for our family.  We asked ourselves, was it worth it?  The answer was no.  


My husband came from an accounting background and finally convinced me that it was better to buy pre-grown herbs, so we outsourced.  WOW – what a load off of our plate.  Dinner time was an actual event again.  Then we outsourced by hiring 2 employees.  Again, the relief was so unbelievable that I almost felt useless for about a week.  Then our little shop grew.


Since we now carried more herbs and could service more customers, business boomed.  We hired 3 more employees and decided to sell.  Jackpot!  We now had the money for a restaurant, which we outsourced everything from the beginning to avoid a repeat of burnout.  No one can wear every hat.  The best hat for a business owner to wear is one of service to their customers and employees.  In order to do that you have to outsource as much as you can.  Remember, being an owner comes with the responsibility of choosing the best team to work with, this includes choosing the best venues for outsourcing.  


Written by Leticia who is a business strategist at Zany Marketing.


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