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Parkinson's Law

One Minute Read Series

Everyone is different, this article is for an audience of:
Procrastinators who want to pave their way to success.  

Parkinson’s Law states when you schedule a task for a given amount of time, you will usually end up taking that amount of time for the task.  

Does that sound familiar:  

  • A simple task becomes a complex one;  
  • You start to do a task only to realize you have time and put it off; 
  • You procrastinate a task to the last minute because it doesn’t seem too hard;
  •  You have anxiety over a task and instead of diving right in you sit and stare at the screen watching the clock go by until you “have” to do it.  

All of the above situations are examples of Parkinson’s Law.  To easily prevent this from happening, schedule in smaller blocks of time and try to get each task done in the allotted time frame.  Some say scheduling in blocks of 5-10 minutes every day means you will get more micro-tasks done, be more focused by breaking down big tasks into smaller ones, you’re able allow time for distractions (you really never know what could be added to your plate and take priority) and allow yourself to have breaks at more appropriate times.  (If you find that you tend to go over your allotted time for many tasks scheduled in “catch-up” blocks to maximize your time and still not cause anxiety.)

Action: Schedule tasks for tomorrow the night before in 5-15 minute blocks, while giving yourself appropriate breaks in between complex, or mentally exhausting tasks.

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