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Rely on Routines

One Minute Read Series

When we wake up it is great to have a routine.  This is because when we make a routine and stick to it daily, we circumnavigate the number of decisions our brain has to make.  It has been largely theorized that we have a finite amount of decisions per day.  From what we eat to lunch, if we go to the left line or right at the grocery store, etc.  Each of these decisions uses up our daily quote.  When we sleep and rest, this gets reset.  This is why our willpower seems to be low at the end of the day.  Ever feel like it is harder to stay on task at the end of the day?  That is because we have depleted that willpower.  To help keep our willpower at a high and our decision-making capabilities strong we need to create and use routines.  Routines are like magic.  They allow us to get work done and yet not use our precious mental resources. 


Driving home the same way every day is an example of this.  We still do the complex task of getting home correctly, yet we cannot think about it.


To quickly take action and improve your life with this principle, take a moment to think of something you do frequently, either every day or at least a few times per week.  


Next, create a list of steps that you take each time you do this routine of tasks.  Write them down to create your routine.  Label it, put it where you would usually do this routine, and use your list the next time you do your routine.  Eventually, this routine will become a habit.  By having it as a routine you can look at your progress and improve on it when you can.



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