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Let’s get connected.

I remember when my friend “Katy”, wanted to have every social media account there was. She would literally spend 8 hours a day trying to keep up with them all. Luckily for her, she was a great writer. She had a B.A. Degree in English and knew how to socialize. BTW, Katy was a stay-at-home mom during this time. The birth of her son started her obsession with announcing to the world what it meant to be a mom.

After a while, Katy began to realize that Social Media was robbing her of the life she was bragging about. Her writings contained snippets of her son rolling over, sitting up, crawling, and then walking. Katy began to have less time during the day and wrote at night after everyone else was asleep. In the morning she was exhausted and short-tempered. Friends and her husband saw what was happening and encouraged her to stop social media.

It’s time to regain your life

Realizing that social media was taking up most of her time Katy went looking for a solution. She didn’t want her various accounts to go dark and yet she wanted more time with her family. Her addiction to social media would soon be at an end. She found a solution by finding a social media management company. (Katy is one of our first customers).

Finally with the new time that was on her hands she took her passion for writing and wrote a book. She is now a best-selling author. (Due to a non-discloser agreement names in this article have been changed and the book itself is not listed.) She also found time to have a trip to France with her family and spends more time with her kids.

Hiring someone else means you have control

The moral of this story is, social media is important, however, it takes up a lot of time. Every business, business owner, and influencer should have a social media account, work on getting followers and keep everyone engaged. The best way to do this is by either signing up for a plan for social media management or virtual assistants. Here at Zany, we call them virtual angels because they really are lifesavers in our customers’ lives.

Social media is necessary

And let me tell you a secret. I, myself, no longer keep up with my personal accounts. My Linkedin account is very valuable to my career. I have many followers. I chose to use our, Zany’s, virtual angel service to help me respond to my followers, post new content and scheduled content on Linkedin, and alert me when there is something important happening I should respond to personally. This saves me HOURS of time.

Since I have started this I have been able to spend more time with my Grand-daughter, I have gotten more stuff done on my to-do list. For that matter, my to-do list has never filled a page since I have started using the Virtual Angels. I have 3 personal angels assigned to me and 2 of them help me manage my social media. Can you imagine having an extra 8-10 hours a week to help customers or spend with family? That is what happened to me. It is wonderful!

Zany has been helping business accounts connect with customers and keep up with their brand image. Since you are in complete control with the criteria you set up. (Yes we give you suggestions but at the end of the day we want to make you happen and successful.) This guarantees your company stays on top of customer engagement and attracts new customers through the right venue. This allows you to be more efficient and have a greater ROI on both time and month.

It is time to stop letting social media be the brick on your shoulders or the weight weighing you down. Don’t answer with I don’t have time again. And don’t feel like you have to check for unhappy customers at 1 am just because your phone dings.

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