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Break Free - Don't be held back . . .

One Minute Read Series

We all have beliefs.  Don’t let someone tell you what you can and can not achieve.  Including yourself.  “There is no man living who isn’t capable of doing more than he thinks he can do.” Henry Ford


I once heard a story about a traveler who came across a circus.  This traveler walked into the circus when he first arrived and looked around weary from his travels and he sat down to study his environment.  At the far end of the circus, he watched as the clowns walked a tightrope and as the clowns played.  Closer to him, however, were the elephants.  Nervous, the traveler watched the big creatures stand around, not trying to escape.  Each elephant stood in place held only by a piece of rope.  They did not pull the rope.  They did not try to break free. 


After a while, a performer came to sit by the traveler.  “They stand there, the elephants, and don’t try to escape, surely they could break free of the rope.” the traveler whispered.  


“Yes, they could break free.  However, they do not believe they can.  When they were little, we used the same rope.  They learned to believe that the rope would hold them.”


Pondering this the traveler watched the elephants more and realized that far too many people are like elephants in a circus.  We live our lives believing what others have told us we can not do, what we tell ourselves we can not do, and what society tells us we can not do.  Instead of trying to break free from our confines.


To utilize the lessons in this parable ask yourself “What is one thing that someone has told me I can not do”  then make a statement that reinforces that you can do this thing.  Say this statement (mantra) in the morning every day to help yourself believe you can do it.


Doing this will help your brain overcome obstacles others have put in your way.


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