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Why Blog?

What is the purpose of a Blog?

Blogs are great ways to show your audience (clients, prospective clients, past clients) that you are alive and doing GREAT business.  Statistics show that companies that blog, have a forum, or do social media attract more exposure on the internet.


Many companies use Social Media as a blog location.  Maybe you are like me, and you frequent certain Social Media venues just for that reason.  I enjoy reading blogs about web design, SEO, and company teamwork.  Dentists and other professionals should use blogging as a kind of community involvement.


Find out what issues your patients commonly have and then extrapolate those problems to answers for the community.  Some of the blog topics above are very general and one can perceive that they are commonly asked by almost every community.


Another reason to choose a certain blog topic would be, cost.  Which service are you really wanting to sell?  Every company (your company and ours) believes that the services they render are worthwhile and needed.  So, what service do you really want the community to solicit from you? The most expensive service you offer?  Maybe.  Ask yourself why is it the most expensive?  Does it use higher-tech equipment, more qualified workers, more space, more time?  All of these really cost you more.  What you need to look at is the bottom line – revenue vs profit.


Lastly, blogs can be where you announce new services, new team members, and new locations.  The image that you already have a following in social media.  You can use that to direct them to your regular website, a physical open house, or even a charity event.  Blogs are like social billboards for the community.  They help you stand out in the community as a source of knowledge and a pillar of leadership in your community.


Blogs are becoming essential to any business.  Zany has content writers that do nothing but blog posts all day long, all week long.  Posts are becoming the way to connect and grow your business without all the hassle of the old-time, mail, or foot traffic.  We live in the digital age of progress that is changing daily.  Guess what, Blogs improve SEO – go figure!


Blogs are fun times when you have the opportunity to share your knowledge, wonderments, opinions, and laughs with the public & friends. Zany can do blogs on any topic you can think of. We have access to technical writers all the way to opinion pieces. Zany can take the chore out of blogging!
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