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What Software Do I Really Need?

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Awhile ago when we started Zany, we didn’t have much. All the toolkits that we sold were white labeled from other companies. And Yes, we needed everything. We needed things like Kanban boards for appointment setting, to mock up programs to show clients our designs and get their approval. The things we need were horrendous!

Over the past 15 years we have collected a lot of lifetime software with unlimited users that we can now offer our clients. Toolkits are built with the individual client’s needs in mind. Not everyone needs the same tools. Some companies just need management software, others need design software. We can offer our clients websites from themes like Wix, Gutenberg, Elementor, Divi, Deep, and so many more. What we are trying to say is….

You really don’t have to buy any new software when you work with Zany. We have just the right tools for your kit. No longer do we have to rely on other larger companies for anything. We independently offer the best for less. Our marketers design personalized kits that help you grow and profit. There are probably many tools you don’t even know exists.

Some of our tools are completely free and others are Premium. The premium software tools will still only cost you a fraction of the cost they are normally. You might be wondering how we have acquired so many? Over 15 years you buy one here and one there and WALA, a plethora. Back in the day, and sometimes still, we bought software to service our clients needs. The variety of toolkits is endless.

A few of these can be found on the toolkit page. Our Virtual Angels will design a kit that works seamlessly for your company. With all the bells and whistles of SEO, Campaign Marketing and whatever floats your boat. We look forward to helping you reach your goals and dreams!

Here at Zany we made the decision that when you hire a virtual angel for any type of work, they have access to all the tools and will be able to add it to your site or let your company use them, no extra charge while they are contracted with you.

Build a toolkit here or Hire a Virtual Angel


There Are Amazing Tools To Choose From
Don't let your competitor have the advantage, just because they have better tools. There are tools for tracking metrics, advertising, lead generation, link building and the list goes on. Ask Zany today what type of tool you need to put more Profit in your pocket.
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