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Zany's - Frequenty Asked Questions

Easy, we will assign someone else who better fits your needs.  You will always have the email of the administrators who you can contact at any time for anything.  Just contact us and say "Hi", we love to get direct emails!  We want you to be as happy and stress-free as possible.
Yes, you can connect as many items in a package as you want/need.  The more items you purchase, the greater the discount.
On some things Yes, on some things NO.  Website, content writing, hire experts by the hour, social media posting, etc are examples of Yes.  No's are more complicated.  Things like SEO take time to see results.  It sometimes can take up to 3 months before the Google Search Engine fights start to win.  Getting more social media followers is also a campaign with unknown results.  After the ball gets rolling, it keeps going and picks up speed, but at first, it is almost like lightning bolts have to get the attention of the people before they follow.  The secret is, "do it and don't give up."
It is the minimum estimated cost that will allow us the manpower to accomplish what you want.  Sometimes (for example), you will order a website and we charge you the stated price.  Then later in the development stage, your company decides on something different or "more", at that time you will be charged an additional amount.  This additional amount will fund the remainder of what you want.
After 1 week we will give back your deposit if your company has not given us the information needed to start the project (SEO, Website, etc.) than we will give you your deposit back. If after 1 week you have not asked us for a refund we will 50% of your deposit as we start researching your service the moment you sign up. If we don’t use it for man hours, you get it back!
Just let your contact person know.  We want to create a win-win situation.  Less stress and more communication.  Our ultimate goal is to work with you and make you happy~
Yes, if the plan you're on is not paying off or is too much (too many customers), then we will work with you and make sure you are on an appropriate plan.  We understand that sometimes you just have to take a step back and re-focus.  
We will either give you a service that reflects the amount of the referral credit, give a discount on another package or take it out of your next month's charge.  But either way, you will get your money's worth.  We love referrals and graciously want to say thank you!
We will fix it.  Unless it is a major revision, we will just fix it, easy peasy.  If it is major, like all new pictures, excess change in content, or pages of change, then there may be a charge associated with it.  Depending on Man hours needed for the fix. 
Yes, up to 5 days.  After you give us all your information, we start working on your project.  At that point (between day 5 and 15) we will refund 50%, then lastly 25% (between days 15 and 20), after that, sorry we used all of your initial cost for man-hours.  Tell us why you want a refund and maybe we can fix it.
We will work with you and tweak it to your desire, as long as everything you want is in the "free" category.  If you choose a premium dashboard, then we will adjust that to your liking with premium elements.  We are here to please!
You can stop subscriptions at any time. If you purchase a website we will give you the opportunity to go through a 2 revision process. At the end of that time period if you still don't like the site and we can't come to an agreement that's win win, we will return 25% of your purchase price. That never really happens, because our goal is a win win outcome.
We provide you with dashports that function as your eyes into exactly what is happening with your business and marketing. Our dashports will answer all your questions, if they don't, tell us and we will either change it or add more to it. We want you to know the results as they come in.
You will be assigned a Brand Advocate. This person will be your liaison between you and the Ad department. Let them know what you need and they will communicate it to the team.
Everybody that works with Zany is assigned an onboarding manager and a brand advocate manager. Depending on what service you are receiving, depends on what type of advocate you will have. You will have the contact information for 2 people all the times or you can just send us a personal "contact us" form anytime.
No Problem, we can fix simple info problems with the click of a button. Just let your contact person know and they will communicate it to the team!
No, we have clients in several countries. We also have representatives that speak several languages and can build websites in many languages.
No, if that were the case some companies would have like 6 contacts. We prefer to just give you a contact person that has a higher level or should we say broader range of development. You still will only have one main contact person, but that person will represent you to more of our teams.
Every website should have a minimum of 1 landing page/home page, 1 blog page, 1 product or service page, 1 contact us page, 1 about us page, and 1 FAQ page. You should also have a privacy policy page, a terms & conditions page, a testimonial and review section, and plenty of call to action buttons. These 8 pages are recommendations, but if you needed to shrink the number of pages, you could add the FAQs to another page. Back in the day the privacy policy and terms & conditions were not mandatory, but they are highly recommended now.

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