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There are so many terms to know and understand before one is able to fully communicate with each other.  

A process of launching an ad or website where two different variations are presented to two different audiences in equal proportions. The activity, and conversion rate is then tracked and measured. Variation A usually is an existing control while the challenger, variation B, typically has one element which is changed. This element is called the variable and is frequently a design element, UI/UX element or copy. (Related Terms See: Multivariate Testing)
A type of A/B Testing the "N" refers to more segments than the two accounted for in A/B testing. A process of launching an ad or webpage where different variations are presented to audiences in equal proportions and activity is compared.
The top portion of a website that a viewer can see and interact with , without scrolling down the page.
A way to increase ROI on existing customers and increase engagement with targeted leads. This type of marketing targets each company and customer with specific characteristics of each account. Usually this increases cross-sells, upsells, and reorders. It focuses on a specific segment of targeted accounts in the market.
This takes the Average Lifetime value of each customer and analyses reasons for decreased customer retention, increase customer referrals and increase ROI on each specific customer. This then creates a strategy to increase the value of the customer. See Related: Account Based Marketing
This is how viewable an ad is to a user while viewing a website or mobile app. To be counted as a viewable impression it must show 50% of the ad and be visible to the user for more than 1 second according to the IAB.
A combination of the words Advertising Technology, referring to software, and digital tools that help target, deliver and analyze marketing/advertising.
A sequence of computer-generated rules that produce a predetermined outcome from a set of inputs. Marketing algorithms are used to automate ad buys at scale and inform strategic decisions, to reduce wasted spend and generate the most value and ROI.
A subsidiary of Amazon that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, companies and governments, on a paid subscription basis.
A software foundation that is engineered to generate insights from data to drive business decisions.
The creation of an mobile app which is designed to solve a problem or use case for a speific segment of users. These apps are usually highly customizable to the target user segment.
A software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. Each time you use an application like Facebook, send an instant message, or check the weather on your phone, you’re using an API.
The ability of a computer or digitally-controlled robot to perform tasks or solve problems commonly associated with human intelligence. The goal of AI is to help companies grow, improve customer experience and optimize both speed and quality.
The practice of evaluating marketing touch points and assigning credit to specific channels that played a role in conversion. The goal of attribution is to pinpoint channels, touch points and messages that have the greatest impact on the decision to convert or take the desired next step.
A scientific process that organizes marketing data to determine how much credit is given to each channel or touch point that contributes to conversion. The insights provided by attribution models into how, where, and when a consumer engages with a brand enables marketers to refine tactics or campaigns to meet consumer requirements and improve ROI.
Big data that includes demographics, consumer intent, digital behaviors, location, such as store latitude and longitude, proximity to store, weather triggers and more.
A data governance process of ensuring data quality and accuracy by structuring and implementing an automated set of rules, constraints and routines that check for correctness,meaningfulness and security of data.
Average dollar amount spent by each customer through the lifetime of the customer. Taking into account how many repeat transactions are likely, including subscriptions or repeat buying. This also takes into account the likelihood of customers to leave the customer relationship with the vendor. This can also take into account referrals depending on the business model.
Average dollar amount spent by each user when making a transaction on a website or mobile app.
A large volume of structured, semi-structured and unstructured consumer data that has the potential to be mined for information. Two very important big data types are impact data and audience data.
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 Our Websites are built for SEO.  Zany has content writers that can utilize keywords to ensure top SEO ratings in social media, Google, and all forms of marketing.

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Thru the use of our virtual angel team, we can provide your business with the tools necessary to excel in your niche.  You will pay less for this service and reap greater rewards.


Zany will find you leads, clients and business.  We specialize in paid ads, social media, and Websites that sell!

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Zany will test your website for usability friendliness.  Does your site allow your audience to be able to locate everything they want to?  Or is it hard to navigate, making the user not want to stay on your site.?  We want to make sure your customer is not frustrated when they go to your site.  We also convert your site for ADA compliance and mobile design.

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