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If you want to know how our story began and imagine how it will continue, just click here.


We want you to feel free to contact us at anytime, for anything.  If we can help you, we will.  We have on staff many experts, in many areas, so ask us questions, tell us your concerns, or just chat.  Just push this link for a contact us page.

Have you ever woke up in the morning, just to find out your site has crashed, become infected with a Trojan horse or worst yet, you are kicked off of Google!  Any of those things can happen, but when they do Zany is ready to help!  Our experts can handle almost anything and solve your problem with grace.  It is not always an instant fix, but our goal is speed, recovery and protection against things like that in the future.  Here is the link to the Emergency Room.

Zany is always looking for the "Cream of the Crop".  If you believe in yourself 100% and feel you have the skills we need, please go to our hiring site to fill out the application form.

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