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We do an SEO audit of your website and let you know just what you need to work on. By improving your SEO your site will be seen more by potential customers & stand above your competitors!

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Our Services

Really, we will do just about anything that you digitally require to meet your goals of being # 1 in your market arena. Below we have listed a few of our services, but let us know if you need something else, and before the end of the day, we will have that team contact you as well.

Search Engine Optimization

Content Optimization

Custom Coding

Want to be on the front page of Google or Bing. It takes time and patience, but it starts with a Great Website. The Website has to be filled with keywords that are recognized by bots that rule the web. The photos/pictures have to be tagged and the links have to reach out beyond your site. Our designers and developers make sure this happens. We can even take your old site and make it seen. It takes time, if you have the patience, we have the time.
Our goal is to bring you more profit daily by creating a list of targeted keywords and then creating a focused content strategy. This will help convert visitors to engaged customers. Bring more authority to your site in your niche and get maximum engagement on the web.
We have programmers that know all kinds of code. Java Script, Joomla, Python, Html, PHP, Ruby, Angular, CSS, and so many more. All of these “codes” help to make your website special and different from everyone else’s. These developers take these languages and help your site to respond fast, be searchable, and engaging. Codes can turn your site into an e-commerce site, a membership site or even a quiz or learning site. We even have gaming sites!

Website Maintenance & Technical Support

Websites sometimes “break”. Don’t let this nightmare happen to you. Be proactive. We can look at all of your backlinks, analyze them, repair them and monitor them. Let us help you monitor your site and make sure it is up and running when a customer is looking for it, 24/7/365. This service pays for itself if even one potential customer can find your website when they need it.

Payment & Membership Gateway

If you want we can make your website put money directly into your bank. Customers can make appointments for your service right from your site and they can subscribe! Do you have a library of helpful content for your customer to read or recipes that you are giving away? We create content libraries, gaming sites, shopping carts, learning platforms, webinars, galleries, you dream it, we will do it!

Link to Social Media Sites

Are you on every Social Media site? If not, we can put you on them all. We can write the content for each site with appropriate style and we can respond to the feedback you get. To be effective, let us use your social media sites to really advertise for your company and bring in customers. We have people that are devoted to nothing but social media.

They are experts and it SHOWS!

Exclusive Features

We start off by looking at your current state (if you have a website – we look at that, if not, we make you one). Then we listen to your GOALS. This leads us to design a plan that generates profit and success for your company. So, our exclusive features are observing, listening, and doing just what you need. We pride ourselves on communicating with our customers, so much so, that it feels like family. We treat you with respect and loyalty. You are the master of your service and we are the experts in our field. Combine both of those and you’ve got what it takes to make a wonderful, profitable, and long lasting business.

Daily Dashboard Reports

*Interactive Charts
*Custom Maps
*Company Performance
*Business Overview
*Social Engagement
*Traffic Analysis
*Charts: Pie, Graph, Heat Maps, Users, & More
Ask Us About Our Free Dashboard
For the how, what, & where

Success as a Service!

Let your team be supported by ours.

Our only goal is to make your company the BEST! That’s why we have the best people, the best products, and the most unique services. We look at your business and design reports, dashboards, and methods to make you successful. No two companies are the same and no two dashboards or methods are the same. We treat you as if you were our only client, always ready to hear your opinion and flexible enough to act on it.

Answers to Your Questions

What is an SEO report?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization reports are simply a way to measure how much exposure you really have on the web. It shows us how to improve traffic or potential customer visits to your site, by looking at what can be fixed. We look at keywords, links, content, and many other elements necessary to increase where your website or social media stands in relation to your competitors.

If my company has a small budget, what is the most important service we should use first?

We start off by suggesting to make a website, then each month add new avenues that bring your goals into fruition. By making sure you have the best website you get more customers. It should not only be good to look at (really that does help to keep visitors on your site longer), but it should rank high in Google searches. So, the website can be working for you 24/7. It is your first interaction with your customers. It should not only represent your image/brand but be a place everyone wants to interact with your whole digital presence.

Are you another one of those “HIgh Pressure” sales companies?

No, if we don’t think we can help you – then we will tell you. We want to work with companies that need our help and want it. Besides, we are not very good at high-pressure sales. We are all constantly learning more about people and attitudes. Our only purpose is to help your company have higher profits and the ability to grow however you want. One of our mottos is “Success as a service”, which means your success is the number one factor. Maybe, we will be a lifeline to opening new niches for you that are available thru the internet that you never dreamed were possible.

What’s the real cost of the Dashboard?

It really is free for the most part. You can always upgrade later, but the free version will be enough for you to see the number of visits to your website, what they did while they were there (number of clicks), how many sales you have, the company cost (if you want), traffic to your social media account, what Google rates you site as and many more items. We only charge you for the dashboard if you choose add-ons and then in turn don’t use Zany for any other service. We are a business and do need to make money since there is no such thing as a free lunch.

If I sign up for a monthly service, can I stop at any time?

With certain services, we require a three or six-month commitment. These services are more time-consuming in the beginning or do not show results fast. We want you to realize that we are in this for the long haul, and our goal is to keep you successful. By agreeing to a commitment of three or six months you allow us to not charge huge setup fees, have lower monthly costs for you, and save you money in the long run. Remember our goal is to keep you successful and happy to the point where you want to refer all of your friends. (Ask about our referral plan.)

Our Latest Add-ons

We are developing new ways of helping businesses grow every month. Our staff has expert Designers, Accountants, Virtual Assistants, Developers, Branding Agents, and the list goes on.

More Website Choices

We have website designs now for virtually every niche. From Lawyers to Demolition, we have seen it all. Maybe your niche is unique, we can’t wait to design something new!

Multi-site Reporting

Lately, we have had several corporations with multiple site locations which have enabled us to venture into reports that can handle multi-product lines and multiple audiences. Do you have the ability to look at your daily or even hourly reports for multiple different businesses you own on the same page? No more jumping back and forth!

Non-Profit Reports

Non-Profit organizations don’t have a large budget for advertising. We have recently helped Non-Profits to generate more revenue in order to extend their service range. Meanwhile, giving them access to daily reports that show them who is participating in their outreach services and who are the parties donating time and money.

At Zany we take care of all your company needs. We have a team of highly experienced marketers who specialize in business marketing. We work in such a way that you do not have to worry about anything related to your account. Just check the results every week or every month, and see your business grow exponentially. This can free up your time that you can use in your actual business personally taking care of your customers’ needs!
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