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Not just a Job, but a feeling of Family

A long time ago people would just go to the city and apply for every job available.  Eventually, the right job was found.  That’s the way it was when I grew up.  My parents knew everyone in town and made sure I was employed.  Then college came and I got a job upon graduating that was just basically offered to me.  Now we search online.  Our families are not connected anymore and a degree is no guarantee of a job.  Instead, computer skills, communication mastery, and competent knowledge (no matter where you got it from in the applied area) are all you need. 

In the long run, getting a good job is very competitive, because employers are not looking anymore at referrals, instead, the focus is on raw talent.  Zany’s atmosphere is still one of family, so if you are hired for a job and someone in our community (family) sees a hidden talent that you have, we will help you grow that talent.  We help our people advance in skill, pay, and time.  Not to mention a feeling of security and stability.  Apply not just for a job, but to be part of a group that cares about you.


Celebrate Success with us

Everytime we get a client we celebrate.  High fives all around, bascially a virtual celebration, everyone hears about it, because we are family and our success is your success.  It’s not all about money, it is about the feeling of victory and the adreniline that goes with it!


We just need you to fill out the application form, send us a voice recording through BerryCast, and a resume if you have one. After that the next step is on us. We will contact you through email or phone to set up an interview. Then we offer you the job or contract if we feel the spark!